Willie Montague

A Champion for Second Chances and Community Empowerment

Willie Montague is a dedicated entrepreneur, ordained pastor, and tireless advocate for those in need of a second chance. With a heart for service and a passion for mentoring, Willie has significantly impacted the lives of countless young men and women across Florida. Now, he is taking his commitment to community development to the next level by running for Congress.

Willie has always been driven to help others overcome adversity. As the Founder and President of House of Timothy Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Orlando, Florida, Willie has created a safe haven for young men aged 18-25 seeking a fresh start in life. The organization’s 12-month regeneration program is designed to educate, equip, and empower participants in their spiritual, emotional, mental, social, and physical growth.

In addition to the House of Timothy, Willie has established a mentorship program called Element 26, which focuses on children and teenagers aged 7-17. His commitment to nurturing young talent is further demonstrated through the Young Entrepreneurs Hub, which offers an entrepreneurship hub for individuals aged 18-30.

Willie’s influence extends beyond Florida’s borders, as he maintains international relations with pastors in Pakistan, where he plans to open an orphanage. Locally, he is deeply involved in mentoring youth and young adult boys across Orlando, with an average of 50+ mentees under his guidance at any given time. Twice a year, Willie hosts a community outreach event at Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando, providing food and clothing for over 100 homeless and less fortunate locals.

Willie’s dedication to community development has not gone unnoticed. In 2017, he received an honorary doctorate from Rehoboth International Bible College in recognition of his decade-long efforts. In 2019, Encouraging Faith Theological University awarded him a Ph.D. in Religious Studies.

Disheartened by the lack of genuine representation in Congress, Willie saw politicians who were not serving the same people he devoted his life to supporting. He witnessed the inefficiencies, corruption, and wasted resources that were eroding America’s future, infringing on our Constitutional Rights, and putting America last. Recognizing the urgent need for an outsider with a fresh perspective, Willie decided to take matters into his own hands and run for Congress.

With a proven track record of uplifting those in need and a fierce determination to create lasting change, Willie Montague is the right choice for Florida’s 10th Congressional District. As a champion for second chances and community empowerment, Willie will use his extensive experience to fight for a brighter future for all Americans.